Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shut Up, Dr. Carson

It’s politically incorrect to criticize a politically correct President
By Allan Erickson / 16 February 2013 / 24 Comments
As most everyone knows, Dr. Benjamin Carson recently spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, sharing his life story, encouraging Americans to take personal responsibility, confronting errant assumptions about national healthcare, indicting our culture for submitting to the tyranny of political correctness and chiding our leaders for being AWOL on issues like the debt, and economic decline.
By most accounts, Dr. Carson performed a public service with intelligent articulation in a humble fashion. 
By Leftist accounts, notably from Fox commentator Bob Beckel, Dr. Carson’s remarks were “shameful,” and Bob was deeply “offended.”  It is a violation of the PC code of “ethics” for a Christian to speak freely at the national prayer breakfast, encouraging fellow citizens in the paths of goodness, and sharing how his personal experience and professional insight inform his politics, according to lunkheads like Beckel.  Unwittingly, Bob helped Dr. Carson make his point.  Regardless of venue (which is apparently Bob’s big objection) anyone, including Dr. Carson, should just bite their tongues, if they presume criticism of Barack Obama. According to the PC police, freedom of speech stops wherever Obama begins….To Read More….
My Take - See....I'm not the only one who thinks Beckel is 'Galacticly Stupid", and a pure representation of everything the left represents.  And you can't fix stupid!  There is one thing that I do admire about Bob Beckel.  He willing goes on the air outnumbered, outsmarted, outwitted and outclassed by people who have now taken his stock and have learned how to recognize and overcome his “facts”, logical fallacies, interruptions, snide remarks and misdirection’s week after week attempting to defend the indefensible.  You have to admit....the man has guts! 

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