Sunday, February 17, 2013

Adoring Dorner: Liberals Can’t Be Evil

By Audrey Russo / 16 February 2013 / 4 Comments
So the mad monster, who made his foundation the unhinged whimsy of the Left, is now a Crispy Critter. Finally…….But what was revealed during the chase of this evil-doer was what the Left really thinks of itself and its ideology.
Creepy Christopher Dorner loved liberalism. It was unequivocal in his Manifesto. He lavished accolades upon Lefty media minions and heralded Obama and his crew. CNN and MSNBC did a quid pro quo with Dorner. .. he loved them … and they loved him right back. It just gives the nearest Kool-Aid drinker a thrill up their leg … ooOOOOooo
Meanwhile, four innocent people lay dead, numerous injured … all because a liar, who received justice for his lies, couldn’t be a man and take it. He knew he lied, and when found guilty, the Lefty felt … as all Lefties do, since they and their worldview is superior to their opposition: Nothing evil they do is actually evil. They are too good to be evil…..To Read More……  

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