Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Junk Science's Top Stories on EPA Corruption

By Rich Kozlovich

Why is it that the Main Stream Media is ignoring this issue?  I don't even see Fox demonstrating the outrage that is obviously needed.  Although I have to be honest....I don’t watch Fox much anymore either.  Please remember that Nixon didn't kill anyone during the Watergate fiasco and that was wall to wall coverage on the big three networks. This is an outrage that smacks of the same kind of monstrous lack of concern for human beings demonstrated by the socialist monsters of the 20th century, and it took Steve Milloy to expose it. Where was ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and the rest?  The links below not only expose the corruption at EPA over these illegal tests on human beings, it displays a pattern of deceit and corruption that has been part and parcel of the EPA since its founding. 

Top Stories

WashTimes: Judge nixes case against EPA human experiments (February 13) | Senators Question EPA Air Regulation Rule Over Human Testing (February 5) | Human testing lawsuit dismissed; Court lacks jurisdiction to hear case against EPA February 1

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