Saturday, February 23, 2013

German 'green revolution' may cost 1 trillion euros - minister

BERLIN | Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:10am EST

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's transition to renewable energy may cost up to 1 trillion euros ($1.34 trillion) in the next two decades, the environment minister said on Wednesday, piling pressure on his opponents to back plans to cap power price rises before the election.

With an eye on the September vote, Peter Altmaier, one of conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel's most trusted ministers, has outlined plans to rein in subsidies for renewable power which have pushed up consumers' electricity bills.

However, his plans may be doomed as the opposition Social Democrats (SPD) and Greens have reservations and could block legislation in the Bundesrat upper house.
"The costs of our energy reform and restructuring of energy provision could amount to around 1 trillion euros by the end of the 2030s," Altmaier told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

"We have maybe our last big chance to lay the right foundations to make this a success. That means the energy switch must be economically justifiable and must be affordable."
Soon after Japan's Fukushima disaster in 2011, Merkel set out ambitious targets for green energy and accelerated the phaseout of nuclear plants.  To Read More….

My Take – This belongs in the “More From the Galacticly Stupid” post.  Once more.....Why is it necessary for anyone to adopt "green" schemes regarding energy production?  
Reason one.  The claim was initially that we were running out of conventional energy sources such as natural gas, oil and coal, and to continue on as we were would signal disaster for future generations.  That was a lie.  We have conventional energy sources coming out of our eyeballs.  

Reason two.  All of these traditional sources produce CO2 and as a result it is causing "Global Warming", now "Climate Change".  That was a lie.  CO2 has increased quite a bit in the last ten years and the world isn't warming any longer.  It is abundantly clear that cooling and warming trends the Earth experiences are almost totally naturally occurring.  
So then where is the need to adopt "renewable energy" programs?  These wind, solar, biofuel, and whatever other ideas the greenies propound, are financially unsustainable, ecologically disastrous and incapable of meeting the current needs of any modern industrialized society anywhere in the world.  Then again.....isn't that what the greenies want? 

But why are these political leaders so "Galacticly Stupid" so as to go along with this.  They must know the history of all these alternative energy schemes, so they must know they have always failed.  They must know that the new technology isn't that much better than it was in the 70's.  The must know that there is no new technology on the horizon that can produce massive amounts of energy with little infrastructure, or the ability to create massive storage capacity in small batteries. 

Since the consequences of this kind of scheme is known I can only conclude that they are not only “Galacticly Stupid”, they must be insane. 

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