Thursday, February 21, 2013

Here’s Proof That America Is Leaning Toward Communism

February 21, 2013 by Bob Livingston 
On Feb. 21, 1848, The Communist Manifesto was published in London by a group of revolutionary socialists known as the Communist League.
Written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the pamphlet summarized the doctrines of the League, which was a group of German workers living in London. While in Brussels in January 1848, Marx wrote the pamphlet; it was essentially a rewrite and expansion of a model tract Engels wrote for the League in 1847…….Despite the best efforts by the “holy alliance” to exorcise the spectre, by 1950 about half the world was living under some form of Marxism or communism. According to some estimates, communist regimes accounted for 85 million to 100 million deaths in the 20th century. One of, if not the biggest, tragedies of World War II is that millions of Allied soldiers died in a war to defeat Nazism only to see half of the continent condemned to 50 years of communism.
Following are the 10 planks of communism. They show that America is more communistic than republican in form of government….To Read More…..

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