Tuesday, February 26, 2013

EPA official scrutinized over emails to resign

By Judson Berger Published February 19, 2013

A top EPA official plans to resign, just three weeks after Republican Sen. David Vitter questioned him over the use of a personal email account to conduct "official business." 
EPA spokeswoman Alisha Johnson confirmed to FoxNews.com that Region 8 Administrator James Martin plans to resign effective Friday. She said it was "for personal reasons."  Martin was facing questions about his use of personal email, as former EPA boss Lisa Jackson also comes under scrutiny for using alias emails to communicate with employees.   The agency reportedly is disputing the notion that Martin's resignation had anything to do with the email controversy…..The EPA, according to Politico.com, downplayed the communication as a one-time occurrence. But the Republican lawmakers wrote that "it does not appear that this transaction was an isolated incident." "Rather, the body of emails suggests that you regularly used this personal email account to stay informed on matters relating to your official duties," they wrote. Further, they said the issue raises concern that he could be trying to "insulate" himself from formal records requests and "circumvent" federal records law. ..To Read More.....

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