Friday, February 22, 2013

Dems forgive Hagel 'vote-rigging'

Criticism over links to voting machine company turns to enthusiastic support - A left-leaning columnist raised questions about Sen. Chuck Hagel, his links to a voting machine company and the possible manipulation of votes as long as a decade ago.
Hagel now is President Obama’s nominee to be defense secretary, and columnist Thom Hartmann wrote in 2003 about his possible influence on election victories by George W. Bush and Alabama’s Republican Gov. Bob Riley.  WND reported recently on the issue concerning Hagel that has been sitting in plain sight. And Harper’s recently raised the issue as well.  The Harpers report charged the GOP “aims to paint the country red” under the headline “How to Rig an Election.”……. WND’s own analysis of the 2012 election concluded vote fraud took place.  The analysis found that the fraud possibly was enough to steal the election.  To Read More…..

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