Monday, February 18, 2013

9 Phony Martyrs of the Left

By Larry Schweikart Comments (10) February 18, 2013
Every religion has its martyrs, and so it is with the American Left. Myths have been built around myriad “wronged” radicals/communists and endless ink spilled about the injustice of their fate. Indeed, when I looked at more than 15 mainstream U.S. college history textbooks several years ago for my 48 Liberal Lies of American History, almost all of them flatly stated or strongly implied that Sacco and Vanzetti, the Rosenbergs, and Alger Hiss, among others, were prosecuted only for their ideology, not for their crimes. In fact, the leftist hall of shame is filled with culprits who were actually guilty. Below is a list of nine of the most infamous leftist criminals in modern American history and the facts surrounding their cases…..To Read More….

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