Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pensions and Health Care: Same Problem!

By Rich Kozlovich
Earlier today I posted an article about what is really behind the unconscionable rise in the cost of health care, a cost that goes far beyond the cost of living or the cost of anything else probably. 
Public employee unions have created an absolute mess….oh wait….they only asked for the sun and the moon….and after all...... that "is" their job isn’t it?  So who is at fault?  It was the self serving elected “public servants” that agreed to give it to them because they failed to do their job by saying "no"!
In order to get financial and political support from the unions they sold their children’s and grandchildren’s birthright?  I just can’t help believing they must be delusional to think that these stupid agreements they made with the unions in order to get their support wouldn’t come back to haunt everyone.  How could they agree to these things unless they're insane? 
None the less, the problem exists and it is clear that the States are going to have to do four things.  One; end union representation in public service any way possible.  Two; cut wages, benefits and other agreements that allow for the worst employees to keep their jobs.  Three; farm out as much of the work possible to contract companies, therefore eliminating future financial obligations and gaining control over what people do and how they do it.  Four; “move — gradually, if necessary — government employees to defined contribution systems like 401(k) accounts, which today are commonplace in the private sector.”
As long as they can get someone else to pay for the sun and the moon that is what they will continue to demand.  As long as there are no repercussion for failed economic policies that is what will continue.  As long as incompetence and failure are rewarded over long range stability and economic foresight that is what we will continue to get.  Incompetence and failure! 
We have to stop listening to the emotional blathering from the media, the unions, the politicians who have sold their integrity for 12 pieces of silver and the activist demagogues on the left who have led us to the financial crisis we now face worldwide.  We have to stop letting them undermine us with our own values.  All that it takes is intelligence and courage! 

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