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Friday, January 16, 2015

Word For the Day!

Effulgent - 1. Shining brilliantly; resplendent. a. Showing or expressing vitality, love, or joy: b. Splendid; wonderful: effulgent beauty.

I receive Jonah Goldberg's e-newsletter, The Goldberg File, today and he had a paragraph in it I really enjoyed.

“The Left has long been enamored with the idea that they speak truth to power. But the powerful people they set their sights on almost invariably turn out to be pretty harmless (and the institutions they attack -- universities, corporations, etc. -- are remarkably spineless). As I noted the other week, if the Koch brothers were a fraction as dangerous as they’re made out to be, no one would be attacking them for fear of being fed to sharks with frick’n lasers on their heads. We’re breeding generations of citizens who think attacking left-wing college administrators from the left is bold and courageous and denouncing Islamic extremism is racist. We apologize for the root causes that lead to actual violence, while we theorize endlessly about how ultimately we’re really to blame. Our military heroes are terroristic and the terrorists are misunderstood. That’s not merely dazzlingly idiotic; it is effulgently suicidal.”

Notice the unique twist?  I thought that last sentence was truly effulgent. 

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