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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Meet Konni Burton, Wendy Davis's Pro-life Replacement

Cortney O'Brien  Jan 17, 2015

"No more pink shoe drama for SD 10!"

That was the bold proclamation of Konni Burton (R-TX), the Republican who won Wendy Davis's old seat in the 10th Senate district of Texas at her swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday. Her words also happened to be featured as the Austin Chronicle's Quote of the Week.

On her first day in office, Burton showed just how different her tenure would be than that of her predecessor. The new senator arrived at her swearing-in ceremony in a pair of "Stand for Life" boots. Her attire was extremely significant, considering Wendy Davis shot to fame in a pair of pink sneakers when she filibustered a pro-life bill in June of 2013. At the encouragement of pro-abortion advocates and new liberal fans across the country, Davis opted to run for governor in 2014, losing in an embarrassing defeat to Attorney General Greg Abbott, instead of seeking another term in the State Senate, leaving the door wide open for a more conservative candidate. Read More....

My Take - So let me understand this correctly.  A right wing, anti-abortion conservative won the seat previously held by a left wing pro-abortion activist.  Did I understand that correctly?  Hmmmmm, I wonder if Karl Rove noticed that?  I'll bet that doesn't appear on his little chalkboard.  Hmmmmm, since he seems quite incapable of predicting how elections are going to turn out - and his guys keep losing - I wonder why it is he keeps getting so much money to promote left wing Rinos?  Is there anyone out there that really believes the Bush's are conservatives?  For that matter - is there anyone out there who have followed Kasich and Huckabee believe - I mean really believe - those two are conservatives?    

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