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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Too Little, Too Late?

By Diana West on Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Worst news of the .........(apparently Diana feels we should fill in the blank for ourselves – and I agree. RK) The Star Tribune reports Jyllands Posten, the paper that set out to prove that Denmark did not accept Islamic blasphemy law by running a page of a dozen cartoons of Mohammed in 2005, has not published the new Charlie Hebdo cover illustration of Mohammed.


“We aren’t republishing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons because we are afraid,”Flemming Rose, former cultural editor or the paper, said. “But I know well that if you give in to intimidation, it works.” Afraid, and probably weary, too. It was a long and violent and costly siege that the Danes held without any other country's support -- including the First Amendament-waving USA. But just imagine if the West, media, "world leaders," etc., had screwed up the barest modicum of courage to hold the coats of those brave Danish journalists who, alone, tried to hold back the battering ram of Islamic law in the West. Yes, the world would be a better -- and safer – place. This Appeared Here…

My Take - Definition is the key to clarity! Islam isn't a religion, but a political criminal organization masquerading as a religion. Just based on their actions the last 25 years should be enough for everyone to understand that without the hundreds of years of history that demonstrate the same kind of conduct. Why is that so hard to grasp? Why is it leftists - including these blithering idiots in the media and entertainment who would be obliterated if Sharia was imposed on the world – continue to excuse and ignore those facts? We already know they must be historically ignorant and dumb as dirt.

What’s the difference?

Being ignorant is normal, it merely means we don’t know, and we will always be ignorant because the amount of information available about so many subjects is massive and it's impossible to know that much. So that makes ignorance the natural state. But that can be fixed by learning about things. Dumb is when we refuse to stop being ignorant by learning the facts, all the facts, which leads to the truth. But stupid is much more than dumb. Stupid is when a dumb ignorant leftist feels compelled to tell everyone else what’s right. That means leftists are ignorant, dumb, stupid and they must be effulgently insane, since they're suicidally working against they own best interests!

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