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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pests invade Europe after neonicotinoids ban, with no benefit to bee health

Rebecca Randall | January 27, 2015 | Genetic Literacy Project

This month, more than 100 natural food brands, including Clif Bar and Stonyfield, joined together in a drive to encourage the Obama Administration to ban pesticides linked to bee deaths. The culprit, they say, is neonicotinoids, which is a class of chemicals commonly called neonics, introduced in the 1990s, that are mostly coated onto seeds to help farmers control insects……Last November, the NRDC submitted signatures from almost 275,000 of its members urging EPA to respond to its legal petition to expedite the review of neonics……. While many environmental activists, and some scientists, have coalesced around the belief that neonics as a likely culprit, most mainstream entomologists disagreed [saying] “extremely dubious” that banning neonics, as many greens are demanding, would have any positive effect……. Cities, states and provinces in Canada, egged on by environmental activists, are beginning to act unilaterally. Ontario voted to ban the chemicals, as have several cities or counties, including Vancouver; Seattle, Thurston County, Wash.; Spokane, Wash.; Cannon Beach, Ore.; and Shorewood, MN. Oregon held a hearing recently to consider a policy that would limit neonics use……Last fall, UK farmer Peter Kendall said he sprayed his crop with pyrethroids three times last year before giving up, replanting and spraying again. This increased spraying with harsher chemicals may harm the honeybees, which the neonics ban intended to protect in the first place. . A 2014 study by researchers at the University of London found that exposure to pyrethroids can reduce bee size….To Read More…...

My Take - When are we going to stop listening to these eco-maniacs from organizations like the NRDC? When people stop giving them billions - the government stops awarding them grant money - when sue and settle is dealt with legislatively - when they start being sued by those they attack and when someone in authority somewhere in the world decides they need to be prosecuted under criminal law for the damage they cause and the lives their policies have cost. One more thing. I found it interesting that pyrethroids are now being called one of those "harsher" chemicals. When did that happen? There was a time when they were touted by activists as an alternative to "harsher" chemicals. Now they are one! Let's try and have clarity on this. It will never matter what "better alternative" we adopt to appease these activists because they can't be appeased. Whatever is adopted today will be attacked tomorrow. We really do need to get this once and for all!
Appeasement doesn't work!!!!!!

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