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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Islam, and the Tail of a Scorpion

People are dying, Islamic jihadists are killing those people, and Muslims are accusing the violence on anyone that dares to launch criticism of the violence committed by Muslims

By Douglas V. Gibbs January 19, 2015

Islam does not apologize, does not assimilate, and does not accept any other law than Muslim law. Their goal is absolute domination. Anything or anyone that says otherwise is either lying, or have been fooled into believing lies.

Freedom of Speech, according to Muslims, according to the socialists, and according to the liberal left appeasers, must be curbed. You are allowed to say whatever you want, as long as it fits into the little bubble of allowed speech the rulers and terrorists tell you that you can say. Everything else is unacceptable, because it might make the aggressors angry.

The Islamic terror attacks in Paris, specifically when Charlie Hebdo was targeted, was about quelling free speech, and after free speech has been horrifically attacked, the response has been, “Be careful what you say. We don’t want to make the peaceful people of the religion of peace angry.” That would be like being in a fist fight because the other guy ran up to you and just started beating on you, and everyone watching the altercation screaming, “That’s what you get for making him mad!” …….Islam is not interested in integrating, or making peace.....To Read More.....
My Take - President Obama recently claimed that Europe has to learn to assimilate Muslims better - and that other bobble head, the British Prime Minister, Cameron, agreed with him. Jimmy Carter must really love Obama.  Obama has saved Jimmy Carter from being the dumbest President ever to occupy the White House.  Carter is now clearly in second place.  
They insist the world needs to help Muslims assimilate by making adjustments to accommodate Muslims.  Well, what if the only accommodation Muslims will accept is the total acceptance of Sharia law, and the total and complete conversion of the European population to Islam? 
Make no mistake about this – that’s what Islam teaches, that’s what Muslims believe, and that’s what Muslims around the world are attempting to accomplish.  The fact that most Muslims aren’t actually in the trenches in this effort is immaterial.  That’s what they believe because that’s what the Koran teaches.  Of course, that doesn’t mean the violence will end.  What if you accept the wrong version of Islam?  That means you’re a heretic to the other versions and they ‘MUST’ kill you for heresy.
What we need is definition because definition leads to clarity.  And we need to understand this clearly and once and for all.  Islam isn’t a religion!  Islam is a political criminal organization masquerading as a religion.  It’s kind of like the Mafia.  Every Mafia crime family competes with every other crime family, which means killing the other families at some point.  That’s the only way they can have total control, which ultimately leads to assassinations within the family.  Once we understand that everything else will fall into place.  We can’t understand that if we fail to read the history of Islam, understand the history of Islam, accept what we’ve read and believe it! 

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