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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Avoiding “foreign genes” trap: Tale of two potatoes highlights new era of GE crops

| January 6, 2015 |
A new wave of genetically engineered crops is dawning but the shadow of a publically divisive debate over GMOs may hamper the technology’s potential. The story of two potatoes illustrates how the technology’s use depends on the understanding of “foreign” genes within the regulatory environment.  J.R. Simplot’s new Innate potato, approved by the USDA in November, and a blight-resistant potato developed in the United Kingdom both challenge anti-GMO activists notion of “foreign genes” in Frankenfoods. The two potatoes use the same gene pool as conventional breeding but are regulated the same as transgenic technology. Intragenesis, used by the Innate potato, recombines genetic elements within the gene pool, thereby offering multiply modifications. Cisgenesis, used by the blight-resistant potato, introduces specific genes already present in the gene pool without changing the DNA sequence......To Read More....
My Take - My position is now and will always be based on this question: What's important - how the genes got there or what they do?  And this is a classic example of the wisdom of that kind of thinking. 

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