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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Outed by FOIA – EPA strategy memo reveals deep flaws in the integrity of the agency, and lack of integrity of the press

Anthony Watts / 22 hours ago January 26, 2015

Attorney Chris Horner writes in with this bombshell which shows how “evangelism” has replaced factual analysis at the EPA, which is helped along by a compliant mass media. See the attached document obtained via FOIA.
His take on it includes:

* Obtained from the ongoing “Richard Windsor” FOIA, precisely as FOIA intended this allows the American public to see what bureaucrats and, in this case, ideological activists in government say among themselves and their pressure group allies, helping us keep a proper perspective about what these same activists tell the public.

* What this memo shows is the recognition that EPA needed to move its global warming campaign away from the failed global model of discredited Big Green pressure groups and their icons, that it has proved “consistently — an unpersuasive argument to make.” In it we see the birth of the breathtakingly disingenuous “shift from making this about the polar caps [to] about our neighbor with respiratory illness…”.

It also shows the conviction that if they yell “clean air” and “children” enough they, the media and the green groups will get their way....... Possibly most refreshing is the acknowledgement of EPA’s symbiotic relationship with a “cadre of reporters” who EPA expects to demand an agenda — according to EPA, just like pressure groups — to which demands EPA will respond.…..To Read More….
My Take - Okay, just because EPA and the green movement has been caught in a couple of "sue and settle" collusion cases.....okay.....a ton of collusion "sue and settle" cases, that does not justify believing in it? 
Okay, let's quelch this conspiracy stuff right now.  Please watch the shiny swinging object and just relax and listen to my soothing and calming voice  - There's no such thing as a conspiracy- There's no such thing as a conspiracy - There's no such thing as a conspiracy - There's no such thing as a conspiracy - There's no such thing as a conspiracy..... 
Now when you awaken from your trance you will remember nothing .....NOTHING..... except that there's no such thing as a conspiracy.   Do you understand? 
Yes Master! 
Oh, one more thing to remember - Green is good - green is good - green is good.....

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