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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paul Krugman's Talent for Turning Liberal Idiocy into a Career Option

Michael Schaus | Jan 11, 2015

Seriously… It must be pretty nice being a liberal. It’s not very often in life that being wrong can form the basis of a successful career. Take Paul Krugman…… “what can I write today to keep up the tradition of getting paid for spewing nonsense?”….to outline all the ways in which conservatives have been wrong over the years…….Krugman’s cartoonish attempt to paint conservatives as a bunch of habitually incompetent idiots was almost too rife with hypocrisy for it to be classified as anything but satire. Remember when Krugman argued that Europe’s debt crisis was not related to governments overspending on entitlements? Remember when he tried to say that deficits are the topics of science fiction? Or that government spending is not important to long-term fiscal sovereignty? What about when he claimed that Austerity in Europe was to blame for their woes, despite the fact that Austerity was never actually implemented?

The main point..... is that the New York Times’ leftist shill has pretty much perfected the art of getting things dead wrong. The only true benefit of Krugman’s blindingly partisan hypocrisy is that it seems to foster creativity among the political left… After all, it’s not too easy coming up with all thespin that’s fit to print” for the New York Times each week…..To Read More….. 

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