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Saturday, January 10, 2015

GMO: the pointless label

Ariel Poliandri Dec 21, 2014

When it comes to arguing about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) there is a big obstacle: the name GMOs describes things ranging from bacteria producing human insulin to super-sized salmons. General claims about GMOs tend to be as crude as asserting that “All mammals are cute”.

The idea that we can support (or oppose) all GMOs as a group is naïve (or mischievous). Individually however, many GMOs can (and even should) be supported. As an example, we will pick one GMO and have a rational discussion about it. The same should be done with the rest, case by case. Only in this way we can have a truly honest debate. First however, we should recognise the different types of opposition that we will find:
a- Rational opposition. This includes concerns of the type “GMOs express foreign genes which can be toxic or cause allergies” or “they can contaminate certified organic crops” or “they promote monocultures”.
b- Anti-capitalist opposition. This includes statements of the type “GMOs are produced by big corporations trying to take over the food supply and to dominate the world”.
c- Quasi-religious opposition. “Mother Nature knows better and we mustn’t try to improve her, end of the discussion”.
Now, we can select a GMO and have a discussion about it:.....To Read More....

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