Sunday, June 2, 2019

Mueller Was Trapped by the Constitution

Editorial of The New York Sun | May 30, 2019

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's swan song illustrates nothing so much as the constitutional illogic of having a special prosecutor set up to investigate the president in the first place. Mr. Mueller sought to create the impression that he was doing everything by the book. He was, though, playing against Washington, Madison, Adams, and the other Framers of the Constitution. So it ended in check mate...........All these probes or prosecutions were crosswise with the logic of the Constitution. Only the president is authorized and required to take care that our laws be faithfully executed. To ensure he is able to do that, only the president is given the power to commission the officers of the United States. ...............Throughout this drama, we have lurked in a small minority — perhaps of one — arguing that the President should have fired Mr. Mueller the moment he learned of his appointment. He should have done so precisely because the president didn’t commission him. ............... To Read More....

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