Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NBCI Breaks Fellowship with PCUSA over Sodomite Definition of Marriage

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One of the most difficult thing for a Bible-believing church is to perform discipline on a sinning member. To say to a person that you have loved and worked with, that they are showing themselves to be non-believers. That they can no longer participate in the means of grace of communion, and fellowship is heart-breaking. But, there are two very important reasons that this must be done.

“The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a coalition of approximately 34,000 churches representing an estimated 15.7 million African Americans and Latinos, has cut ties with the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) after a majority vote was reached among the denomination’s regional presbyteries to redefine marriage.”
The most important thing that we must recognize is that both Christ and Paul command discipline. It matters little what we think it will accomplish or how it makes us feel, we must obey our master. Christ tells us how and when this is to be done in Matthew 18. When we follow these steps, we are calling our brother to repentance and protecting the purity of Christ’s bride. Which is the second reason that Christians must preform this duty……..To Read More….

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