Monday, March 30, 2015

Just the Facts, Mann

by Mark Steyn

It's almost three years since I wrote a 270-word blog post about the corruption of the investigative process at Penn State under a university president since indicted and facing 20 years in the slammer for obstruction of justice and child endangerment. Michael E Mann, creator of the "global warming" hockey stick, didn't care for my post, and sued for defamation - and here we all are. Neither Mann nor I live or work in the District of Columbia, so I assumed that, having airily assented to his venue-shopping and chosen to accept the case, the DC courts would be capable of adjudicating the matter. Little did I know that, in the dank toilet of DC justice, they can, on the one hand, have two trial judges simultaneously ruling on the same case while, on the other hand, be entirely unaware of whether their own anti-SLAPP law is appealable and thus require a decision from the Appeals Court on whether the law is appealable before the appeal can be appealed.

What larks! It's over a year since I responded to Doctor Fraudpants' discovery requests, while he has objected to having to respond to mine. That's all part of the game for serial litigants like Mann: The process is the punishment. But, given that the DC justice system is apparently incapable of litigating a 270-word blog post in under 270 weeks, I'm thinking of publishing my discovery response to Mann as a souvenir book…..To Read More…..

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