Sunday, March 22, 2015

Beware The Hysterians!

By Rich Kozlovich

I kind of invented the word “Hysterian” because .....well....someone has to coin the new words, so I invented this one because the green movement is clearly a religious movement and I needed a word to describe their religion. And since all of their pronouncements are hysterical – I thought Hysterian was a pretty good name.

Take for example the Methodists. Why are they called Methodists? Because originally they were considered Methodical Researchers of the Bible - hence Methodists.  Lutherans were named after Martin Luther and Muhammadans, although Muslims hate that, were named that by westerners after Mohammed. So, since all the greenies are in a virtual state of hysteria over ….well …. just about everything, I honestly believe Hysterian is the appropriate name for their semi-secular neo-pagan religion.

First off, I don't think the greenies have ever been as hysterical about anything, including DDT, as they are about Anthropogenic Global Warming - oops - I forgot that wasn't working so they changed it to Anthropogenic Climate Change, that way they can blame another Ice Age on Global Warming. Call me crazy, but I have to ask - does that sound a bit hysterically nutty to anyone besides me?

I wish to state emphatically that if you can’t predict weather – you can’t predict climate!

The argument against that statement by the greenies is – weather isn’t climate. Well, I agree that weather isn’t climate. Climate is infinitely more complex than weather! If these climate Hysterians can’t calculate that which is of lesser complexity - as in weather - even a week ahead with any real degree of accuracy, why would you expect anyone to believe they can calculate that which is far more complex as in all the systems involving climate – especially decades into the future?

Time isn’t on the side of green Hysterians, that’s why they always say “don’t wait, just pass legislation”! 

We know a couple of things for sure about Anthropogenic Climate Change. The CO2 levels have risen dramatically over the last twenty years and yet the warming trend, which started three hundred years ago, officially ended about 18 years ago. We know the “scientific” climate models used to predict disaster beyond imagination have either or are failing to predict the weather and climate over the last ten years. So should we believe they're pronouncements about climate in 50 years from now. It’s pretty clear these ‘scientific models’ are pretty much Game Boy science – and like Game Boys they spit out what they’re programmed to spit out. Garbage in – Garbage out.

Now that FEMA is threatening to withhold money from States for not adhering to the climate change litany of the green activists in the federal government, and Gore is demanding prosecution – and who knows –perhaps execution - of anyone who disagrees with his views – that being his desire to make even more money on this fraudulent climate change scam than he already has. Well, before we start executing people for believing what they see with their own eyes versus what Al Gore tell us, perhaps we should ask these five questions.

First - Is CO2 a pollutant or is it essential to life?
Second - Is it possible we’re living in a CO2 starved world?
Third - Was it warmer in the past before fossil fuels were widely used?
Fourth - If it was then did any of the disasters Hysterians are predicting for today occur then?
Fifth - If it was warming, and the historical record has no record of such disasters then, why should we expect them to occur now?

Please enjoy this article and presentation by Patrick Moore where he explains, “Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic”.

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