Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Islamic State: Coalition forces kill 9,500 fighters; 400 soldiers to be deployed to train Iraqi troops

ABC News Australia

Coalition forces have killed more than 9,000 Islamic State fighters, and the forces will soon be joined in Iraq by 400 more soldiers to train local troops, the Australian military says.  Australia is one of several Western nations that have joined the fight against the Islamic extremist group.  Chief of Joint Operations in the Australian Defence Force Vice Admiral David Johnston said the effort was working.

"In the past we had seen territory captured and then lost; that means that it had to be recaptured," Vice Admiral Johnston said. "That's occurring less now, and increasingly both in the north, the operations up and towards Tikrit and the west I think is still more contestable than other parts of Iraq.  "But when territory is captured, it now tends to be held in a better manner than it was in the past."……… It is estimated Islamic State has 31,000 fighters, of whom 18,000 are foreigners ……..
"The Islamic State is using its propaganda to generate large numbers of volunteers who really become poorly trained cannon fodder in taking the fight in Syria and Iraq," he said.  "I think that it's highly likely that if one was silly enough to be recruited for that type of activity that you face a high likelihood of being killed on the battlefield."……To Read More…..


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