Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brain Scientist Tries to Uncover Why White People Are Prejudiced Against Gypsies

By Steve Sailer• March 22, 2015

From the New York Times, an article about how a brain scientist is going to use brain scans to try to figure out the mystery of white flight in Hungary from heavily Roma (Gypsy) schools. What kind of brain defect causes white Hungarian parents to hold delusional stereotypes about Gypsy children being lazy, dishonest, and less interested in academics? Perhaps Science can someday figure out why white Hungarians hallucinate so bizarrely about Gypsies?......Of course, outside of perhaps Spain, the “art of collective persuasion” has spectacularly failed to get Gypsies to do these SWPL things (Editor’s note: For the uninitiated –like me - I think SWPL is internet shorthand Stuff White People Like, meaning getting them to do the things that make a society successful), or even to stop picking pockets and running home repair scams on the elderly. The Roma are the world’s most remarkable example of in-group morality producing a lack of empathy for the host populations, no matter how many different attempts these states have attempted.

But the Roma aren’t the point, the point is White People and What’s Wrong with Them?.....To Read More....

My Take The author of this article takes this academic’s study (that being an attempt to show that its all the white people’ fault) to task and exposes it as nothing more than academic clabber and to the one thing leftists, especially academic leftists, really hate -  REALITY!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that exposes the intellectual wasteland of leftist academia as clearly as does this study. Irrespective of where this study originated, it's clear we need to stop funding universities with grant money, we need to end these student loan programs with these idiotic courses they offer that can't provide jobs that will give them enough money to pay those loans off, and we need to make colleges and universities entirely self-sufficient.
Then if they want to publish clabber the only problem they will have is their ability to stay in business. But that won't be such a bad thing. There are too many colleges and universities, too many students that shouldn't be in college and too many graduates that can't read, write, do basic math, follow written or oral insturctions and after being exposed to leftist insanity at a very impressional age they are now as dumb as dirt with the moral foundation of leftism - that being - there is no moral foundation because everything is relative. Leftism preys on emotions promising utopia in order to attain power but all they have ever delivered is dystopia. Has any movement, in all of its manifestations such as environmentalism, been more destructive to humanity in all of human history?

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