Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Brain Rot in American Education

By Rich Kozlovich

I picked this up from Jon Ray's site, Dissecting Leftism.  I should state that I don't agree entirely with some of her views, and I find her articles to be bit difficult to read because she's doesn't transition smoothly from point to point, and she's a bit of a snot but - she is interesting!

She outlines how things used to be and needs to be again, which I agree. She also has solutions many will find appealing, but she fails to expain why those things happened in the "good old days" and why those solutions won't be accepted now.

The fundamental barrier to a return to stability in American culture, is a return to those values that made American culture great. The common acceptance of Judaic/Christian values and principles! And that will never happen when what passes for Christian religion is being sold on TV by hucksters, and leftists disguising themselves as Christian clergy undermining every Biblical moral concept, including abortion. These heretics are a fifth column who are far worse than outright leftists because they're perpetrating heresy.  They portray themselves as shepherds, but are "ravenous wolves" destroying the flock.

Jon Ray says this about her: "Ilana Mercer is an expert at writing scarifying prose. She is supreme at ripping people to pieces verbally." I think that's really understating what she does. Her "scarifying prose" isn't like being slashed with a rapier - it's more like being hit with a Scottish Highlander's two handed claymore.

Here are her thoughts on American intervention in Libya? "A product of the romantic minds of women—Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice—who fantasize about an Arab awakening... estrogen-driven paternalism on steroids."

Commenting on trying social meddling in the Middle East she says: "Democracy is especially dangerous in ethnically and racially divided societies, where majorities and minorities are rigidly predetermined and politically permanent.”

As for her thoughts on General Petraeus’s sex scandal, she defines the U.S. military as "manacled by doctrinaire mediocrity, multiculturalism, feminism, affirmative action… and every postmodern pox imaginable. And this is only the froth on the top.”

Ya gotta admit. She has a way with words! Please enjoy her thoughts on the finished product being turned out by American education.

Race And The American Millennial’s Brain Rot - “Silence; We’re Studying for Our Pregnancy Test” (2008), “Your Kids: Dumb, Difficult and Dispensable” (2010), “Higher Education Is A Hard Row To Ho” (2014): The author of such titles is well aware of how stupid, on average, American millennials are. She has been for some time. The 2010 piece aforementioned warned that “the electronic toys our dim, attention-deficient darlings depend on to sustain brain waves are made, for the most, by older people,” and that “the hi-tech endeavor consist in older Americans and Asians uniting to supply young, twittering twits with the playthings that keep their brainwaves from flatlining." According to my sources in the high-tech industry, for every useless, self-aggrandizing Gen Yer, a respectful, bright, industrious (East) Asian, with a wicked work ethic, waits in the wings. The millennial generation will be another nail in the coffin of the flailing American productivity….....Rejoice! America is becoming an egalitarian Idiocracy........Millennials have been pre-programmed and praised for stupidity. They’ve acquired an education yet they remain uneducated.......It would appear that when the neocortex is underused, the reptilian brain takes over.........

Your Kids: Dumb,Difficult And Dispensable - Don't ask why the "news" is all a-flutter for Meghan McCain, but earlier in February, she issued another of her sub-intelligent messages, on a forum ─ ABC's "The View" ─ that is a fertile seedbed for mind-sapping stupidity:…..Millennials…..have been unleashed on America by progressive families…….[who] instilled in them a sense of self-worth disproportionate to their actual worth…..The uniformity of opinion among these mediocre and frightfully monolithic minds is scarier than its uninformed nature……Needy and narcissistic, these dullards were nurtured by pedagogues, parents, and politicians (again, Democrat and Republican; liberal and "conservative" alike) who were convinced that loosey-goosey schools would produce free thinkers and geniuses. "high-maintenance rookies," [who] "flounder without precise guidelines." [and] "want loads of attention and guidance from employers," and they "break down in tears after a negative performance review."
The removal of the burdens of a core curriculum, a literary canon, the hardest of sciences, discipline and moral instruction ─ this has helped to mold the penetrating intellects of The "Meghaan" Millennials. Content-based, top-down, analytical and explicit teaching was replaced with pop-culture friendly, non-hierarchically delivered flimflam. The educational emphasis has long been on cooperative experiences and groupthink over individual achievement……

Silence; We're Studying For Our Pregnancy Test - "The couple was in New York and could not be immediately reached for comment," reported the Associated Press. Who do you imagine was the object of the AP's deferential reference? Michelle and Barack Obama? Rev. and Mrs. Wright? Wrong. The royal "couple" is Lindsey Oliver and Andrew Psalidas. She's 17 years old, five months pregnant, and hails from Gloucester's Hatchery High. He's her 20-year-old boyfriend, also from Gloucester, Mass.

The "couple" has yet to provide details about their baby shower registry. But Psalidas's father-cum-manager told clamoring media that his son would remain mum because "he'd made an exclusive interview agreement." In the fullness of time, pictures of Pact Baby will be peddled to the tabloids……. Resurrect shame—deep, abiding disgrace. While you're at it, whatever became of the shotgun wedding? Bring back the pejorative "bastard." I don't like it; it's hurtful, but it had its uses. So does hurt. With hurt come hard-won insights. The prospect of bearing a bastard once forced a parent to think: Do I want my child to bear this burden? Do I want for myself the status of an unwed, untaught mother? Expel pregnant girls, don't cater to them......

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