Thursday, March 19, 2015

Death of British journalist after eating organic peanuts highlights absurdity of GMO safety scare

Isaac Ongu | March 18, 2015 | Genetic Literacy Project

One of the central contentions of anti-GMO activists is that foods that contain ingredients made from genetically engineered ingredients are harmful or pose unacceptable risks. There is no evidence of harm, however. No health problem, not even a fever, has been linked to the consumption of GMOs. And every major independent international oversight organization, including those in Africa, have publicly concluded after reviewing more than one thousand independent studies that foods made with GM ingredients are as safe or safer–they are extensively tested for allergenicity and other issues–than other conventional foods, including organic foods…….It’s a sad turn of events but not without some tragic irony. Her death comes just as anti-GMO campaigners are aggressively trying to make the case that approved GMOs pose unusual toxic and allergenic threats. Currently only GM foods go through rigorous testing to prevent exactly the kind of lethal issue that killed Vassie….To Read More……

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