Saturday, March 28, 2015

Glyphosate causes cancer – so do apples

The Skeptical Raptor

Glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup) is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide used to kill weeds, especially annual broadleaf weeds and grasses that are known to compete with commercial crops grown around the world. It has several advantages over many herbicides in that it breaks down in the soil into non-toxic organic molecules, reducing or eliminating contamination of groundwater and lower soils.

Monsanto has developed genetically modified (GMO) grains that are resistant to glyphosate, so that agriculture can apply the herbicide to kill the competitive weeds while not harming the crop. This allows farmers to suppress the weeds while allowing better production out of the grain crop.

Whatever the benefits of glyphosate, GMOs and the herbicide are tied together in many minds. And there has been an ongoing effort by many people to claim that glyphosate causes cancer. But let’s look at the science, because maybe we’ll get some information....To Read More.....

My Take - I'm not that impressed with his evaluation of WHO or AIRC, but his logic is sound regarding trying to make too much of an issue over doing actual research or reporting actual research as the key to the value of what's being said. Rachel Carson is cited as being a "great' scientist". She wasn’t a scientist at all. She did no research. She was a science writer and a good one until she started writing science fiction with Silent Spring. But the fact she did no research wouldn't have disqualified her written work if it had been truthful. And that's the problem have with WHO, AIRC and many of the science journals today. Time has shown to be careful about putting your trust in their views. This author goes out of his way to play the role of the great arbiter of truth standing above the petty grievances of the masses - which I find off putting - but he does post some good work here.

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