Friday, March 27, 2015

From the American Council on Science and Health

IARC's ruling on glyphosate ignores the science - This month's meeting at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) focused on pesticides. The committee concluded that glyphosate, a popular weed killer, was "probably carcinogenic." The problem? That's not what the science shows. Read more.

The Shame Of America's "Public Health" - ACSH's Dr. Ross published a caustic attack in Science 2.0, condemning the pervasive crusade by health officials, academics and NGOs against e-vapor products, harming America's 43 million smokers - and their own ethics. Read more.

Crazy Joe Mercola Is Behind The "Times" - ACSH's Dr. Josh Bloom writes in Science 2.0 in response to a column in the New York Times' Style section last week discussing the potential health hazards of the Apple Watch. Columnist Nick Bilton is in way over his head with this one. Read more.

Dr. Dean Ornish inveighs against high protein diets in NYTimes op-ed - High protein, high carbs, low fat: which is the best? The latest input on the diet wars comes from Dr. Dear Ornish in The New York Times, who doesn't like the latest trend in theoretically healthy diets. Read more.

"Fast food ban" in South LA doesn't curb obesity  - No surprise - "The solution" to the obesity epidemic doesn't involve limiting fast food restaurants. A ban on the opening or remodeling of stand alone fast food restaurants was not associated with improvements in health or weight of residents. Read more.

Kudos to the FDA for approving new apples and potatoes - The FDA followed science in approving new genetically engineered apples and potatoes for sale in the United States. Anti-GMO activists are sure to react, but their fear-mongering is out of whack with reality. Read more.

Obama administration issues fracking regulations for Federal land - The Obama DOI announced rules aimed at regulating Fracking on federal lands. Some "environmentalists" say they are too lax, but the basis of their concerns is unclear, given the safety of the process over the past five decades. Read more.

Angelina Jolie's decision to remove ovaries and fallopian tubes was the right one—for her - Angelina Jolie recently decided to undergo a procedure to remove both her ovaries and fallopian tubes. Her decision was based on her unique situation, but women must consider their own personal circumstances rather than follow her lead. Read more.

On GMOs, is it He Said, She Said? No: she's an honored scientist, he's a cookbook writer with a vegan bent - Exploiting the baseless designation of the herbicide glyphosate as a "probable" carcinogen, Mark Bittman rants against his favorite bugaboos: all chemicals, and GMOs. Compare his blather with Dr. Nina Federoff's calm, solid Congressional testimony. Read more.

Energy drinks should not be sold to children or adolescents, says study - Evidence suggests that energy drinks can expose children to an unsafe amount of caffeine. A new review suggests that these drinks should only be marketed to adults in order to reduce their dangers to children. Read more.

The CDC in cahoots with the CA "health" dept. ramps up its anti-e-cig propaganda - Another set of expensive campaigns, funded by your government's tax dollars, aimed at falsely demonizing e-cigs and keeping smokers afraid to try them. Result: CDC and CA spending your money to kill smokers. Read more.

Radical environmentalist groups continue to rail against DDT, killing millions - Over 800,000 individuals die each year from malaria. DDT has the potential to save many of these lives, yet radical environmentalist groups continue to deny people this life-saving chemical based on disinformation and lies. Read more.

FDA warns consumers against homeopathy - The FDA is cracking down on homeopathy. The agency just issued a warning against using homeopathic remedies to treat asthma, and has (at last) scheduled a hearing to scrutinize the "evidence" behind these products. Read more.

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