Monday, March 30, 2015

What is an Islamic Scholar Studying?

By Rich Kozlovich

There was an interesting exchange on Pam Geller’s Atlas Shrugs by two participants corresponding about what the term Islamic scholar means.  I’ve wondered about this myself since so many of those who are the most irrational and virulently violent have been referred to in the western media as “Islamic Scholars”.  Here is a paraphrased summary of that conversation with some thoughts of my own.   

The thread starts out saying how confusing the term Islamic scholar is.  Well, what does that mean?  It does seem to be oxymoronic since the Koran is supposedly complete, inviolable, never to be investigated, criticized or taken apart.  So what are they studying and just exactly what kind of methodologies are they using?  What system do they utilize to award Ph.D.’s?
Perhaps merely attending some Koranic school or other qualifies, provided that school teaches justification for finding more and better ways to kill unarmed civilians with bombs, or cutting off the heads of those who can’t fight back, or burning prisoners alive while trapped in an iron cage.  I would have to assume they also teach that attacking the weak, harmless, helpless and hopeless is less dangerous than attacking armed troops, especially since they keep losing those battles with enormous losses. 

And why are they using western academic credentials to claim legitimacy while declaring everything western as so evil it needs to be destroyed?   So, is it possible the term Islamic scholar is an oxymoron since there is no western style investigation permitted regarding the Koran as it’s a complete & inviolable work, not to be investigated, criticized, and taken apart?” Yet there has been a centuries old argument among “Islamic scholars” over which Koran is the legitimate, the Median or the Mecca version.  Typically these “scholarly” arguments have been augmented and reinforced by murder, mayhem and destruction especially since over the centuries there have developed a number of different versions. 
Is it possible this “scholarly” infighting is merely an excuse to kill people with whom they disagree?  Especially since the Koran allows Muslims to murder, rape, steal, enslave and generally commit mayhem by calling it Jihad.   They not only perpetrate these actions against those who fail to appreciate the alleged wonders Islam can bring to the world, but also those who profess to be Mulsim but disagree on who should be in charge and which sect is the right sect.  What the Koran calls duties, responsibilities and obligations - the rest of the world calls crimes.  So why is that scholarly?

One of the correspondents made an interesting comparison based on real life actions of "Islamic scholars".  Being an "Islamic" scholar is like being a murderer or a thief who spends a lot of time studying how to murder and steal more effectively and then acting on those studies and calling it "research".  After years of this “research” this “scholar” can then write a paper on how effective he’s been at murdering and stealing from helpless people in order to be awarded a Ph.D.  
There is one final thought.  Is it possible Islam isn't a religion at all, but a group of political criminal organizations masquerading as a religion?  Just a thought! 

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