Thursday, March 19, 2015

Remembering a Racist, Black Muslim Murder Spree

March 19, 2015 by Lloyd Billingsley 2 Comments

On March 12, convict J.C.X. Simon passed away at 69 in his cell at San Quentin prison. News reports described him as a “Zebra Killer,” and that might have left some readers confused. The “Zebra Killers” tag derived from the radio channel “Z” used by police in San Francisco. There J.C.X. Simon was part of a 1973-76 murder spree that killed 14 people and left at least seven wounded.

The killers were Simon, Jessie Lee Cooks, Manuel Moore, and Larry Craig Green. As Daryl Lembke of the Los Angeles Times reported in 1976, “All are black and all are members of the Nation of Islam (Black Muslim) religion.” A witness, Anthony C. Harris, testified that the men were part the “Death Angels,” an offshoot of the Fruit of Islam, the security arm of the Nation of Islam. In December, 1975, the Los Angeles Times reported that the Death Angels planned to “run all the whites out of San Francisco” and establish that city as their headquarters…..The Death Angels targeted white victims ranging from ages 15 to 87. They killed 14 killed, assaulted seven, and raped one. Three children managed to escaped from attempted kidnappings……..A $30,000 award prompted Anthony Harris to come forward, and police arrested Simon, Cooks, Moore and Green, all tried in 1975. The Nation of Islam paid for the attorneys of Simon, Moore and Green, but not Cooks, who pleaded guilty…….To Read More…...
My Take - Okay, what were the victim's names?  Name one of them!  I'm also willing to bet that the vast majority of the population of the United States never heard of this tradedy or forgot all about it!  Travon Martin was a thug! Michael Brown was a thug! Eric Garner was a thug and yet we all know their names.  These whites were picked randomly and were not thugs, were innocent, but we don't know their names and I don't remember there being 24/7 headline news over this? more thing.  How long did the riots go on over this?  Oh...that's right.  There was no rioting over the deliberate murder of these innocent whites by Muslim criminals.  Imagine that! 

Of course this whole thing is just another racist Islamophobic rant.  When will this Islamophobia end?

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