Monday, March 23, 2015

From Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs

Islamic State posts pictures of 100 US military on ‘kill list’ - What “brothers residing in America” is the Islamic State calling on? According to perfidious President Obama, the “JV team” is just a few “random” misunderstanders who need jobs and some TLC ….. Islamic State posts pictures of 100 US military on ‘kill list’ By Josie Ensor, The Telegraph, March 21, 2015 Pentagon says it investigating…….

Iran: 100 Clips- While Obama begs, grovels and prostrates the US to the murdering mullahs in Iran in his pursuit to legitimize and sanction their nuclear weapons program, let us review why he believes they deserve a nuclear weapons program in the near future…..

Islamic State Rises in Libya - Another epic Obama failure that the media refuses to cover. Why did Obama oust Gaddafi? What was his strategy? Where was the statecraft? What was Obama’s objective? Why is the media covering for the enemy in the White House? The Libyan Army Chief is warning that ISIS will invade Europe. “Islamic State Rises in Libya,”…..

UK Watch VIDEO: Mob storms, attacks Stamford Hill synagogue during prayers, screaming “kill the Jews” - This is the UK today. The video is frightening. Chilling. A member of the synagogue patrol said, “The number of these incidents has increased in the past few months, since before Charlie Hebdo.” The norming of Islamic Jew-hatred has given rise to a level of antisemitism not seen since the Nazis……

Moderate Malaysia’s federal Islamic authorities call for “jihad” against liberals - And these are the “moderates.” So many in the U.S. put their hopes on Islamic reform, but when Western-oriented Muslims are lumped in as the opposite extreme of ISIS in “moderate” Malaysia, what chance does reform really have? “In Friday sermon, Jakim calls for ‘jihad’ against liberals……

Devout Muslim fighters attack Central African villages, killing at least 11 - For quite some time, I have been reporting on the jihad in Central African Republic (CAR). It is bloody, savage ….. unimaginable. Mass slaughter, Muslims beheading children, pastors slaughtered, Bible translators killed, thousands of Christians fled after Muslims hunted them door-to-door looking for enemies of “Allah”….. scores of media blacklisted stories. This story, true to…..

Iran’s Ayatollah: Introduce Youth of America, Europe to ‘the Islam of Jihad’- This is, of course, their objective, and has been for decades. Obama is funding them to the tune of half a billion dollars a month. It’s as if he shares their goals. Echoing American Islamic terror-tied groups like CAIR, ISNA, MSA, ICNA, the Ayatollah said that Iran should use what he called “Islamophobia” and the………

US has 4th Largest Number of Islamic State (ISIS) Supporters on Twitter -But…but…Obama says all the Muslims in the U.S. are moderate. Where are all these ISIS supporters in the US? Who is watching them? Is the FBI too busy holding seminars omn “Islamophobia” to be on this? From Answering Muslims (thanks to The Religion of Peace)…..

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