Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cornell gives deer tubal ligations, everything goes wrong (hilarious liberal lunacy alert)

William A. Jacobson

We previously wrote about the deer sterilization program run by the Village of Cayuga Heights, NY, which borders the Cornell University campus and has large deer and faculty populations.   After years of bitter debate, Cayuga Heights decided that the deer population would be controlled through sterilization at enormous expense:

The Cayuga Heights deer control was mostly a failure because, you know, deer move around, so sterilizing deer in Cayuga Heights didn’t prevent new deer from coming into the area. And so on.   As far as I know, no plans were made to control the faculty population.  I was not aware that Cornell had its own sterilization program. I was aware that deer are all over campus.

The Cornell sterilization program combined on-campus sterilization with off-campus/regional hunting.   What possibly could go wrong? As the Washington Post reports (via Ithaca Voice), just about everything………To Read More…..

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