Monday, March 30, 2015

The Latest From the Energy and Environmental Newsletter

By John Droz, Jr., physicist & environmental advocate

Energy and Environmental Newsletter, is now online.

Since I've received quite a few requests for Solar information, I've now added a Solar page to our website. If you have any suggestions for additions or improvements, please let me know.

Some superior articles in this issue, are:

Carmen Krogh's Turbine Health Studies Synopsis (a repeat as the url was wrong in the last Newsletter)

A very good graphic for Wind Energy Noise

Here are some other key Energy related reports:

Some excellent audio files demonstrating wind energy noise

Below are some of the most interesting "Global Warming" related reports:

PS — Some other recent articles of general interest —

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Must read article - Former Intelligence Officer: The Utter Stupidity of Hillary's Actions

As always, please pass this on to open-minded citizens. If there are others who you think would benefit from being on our energy & environmental email list, please let me know. If at any time you'd like to be taken off the list, please let me know that too.


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