Thursday, January 31, 2019

Swedish Liberalism Is Struggling Under the Weight of Immigration

Amanda Billner and Rodney Jefferson Jan 31 2019

The longest political standoff in Sweden’s history ended on Jan. 18 with the government looking much as it had before elections were held four months earlier. Stefan Lofven, leader of the moderate Social Democrats, was again named prime minister, while the nationalist Sweden Democrats continue to be isolated in Parliament. The new four-party alliance hailed its agreement as a victory against insurgent forces of racism and intolerance.

In reality, the deal merely papers over the discontent that’s been eating away at Swedish liberalism since the beginning of the Syrian refugee crisis. An influx of migrants has stretched the country’s social services to near the breaking point—a situation the governing agreement fails to address............. Despite the temporary return of stability, the potential for crisis remains high.

Sweden once welcomed more refugees per capita than any other European Union nation. In the past five years, the country of 10 million accepted more than 400,000 asylum-seekers and relatives of previous immigrants.............. “The debate has been very much black or white, either you’re for or against immigration,” he says. “It’s about finding a balance While they haven’t yet resorted to the overt send-them-back message of Donald Trump or Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Sweden Democrats say the country can’t afford additional refugees..........To Read More....

My Take - Did he say "it's about finding balance"? Balance of what?  These Muslim immigrants aren't going to give back - Muslims don't give, they take - and violence is the heart and soul of Islam.

These leftist loons try claiming the rise in crime isn't an immigration problem.  Really?  That's not historically accurate.  I remember when all this started in Sweden many years ago, and they were shocked at the upsurge in violence in their country. Sweden was one of the safest nations on Earth, and open violence was almost unheard of, at least until these Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and Africa started pouring in.

There's a reason why Sweden has one of the hightest rape statistics in Europe. Muslim immigrants are raping Swedish women at a rate that's shocking, and the Swedish government and media hide what's really going on letting these ravenous wolves tear into the helpless citizens of their society, and if you say anything, you're prosecuted..

Sweden is doomed, just like much of the rest of Europe.  The demographic growth of ethnic Europeans is so bad compared to Muslims they're fast getting past the point of no return. It's being predicted that by 2050 Muslims will be the majority in France.   In the next thirty years.  At current trends Sweden will be unrecognizable, the old Sweden will be irretrievable and the nation will be just as violent as are all other Muslim dominated cultures.

Furthermore, the birth rates of the ethnic Western populations of Europe is being outstripped 4-1 by Islamic immigrants.  

Along with the Hungarians and Czech's, it's the Poles that will be left to save Europe....once again....... as they did in 1683 at the Battle of Venice, but the demographics are against them.

They may only be able to save themselves.

Here's more Swedish insanity perpetrated on Swedish society by the government, the media and the judicial system regarding Muslim immigrants:
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