Monday, January 28, 2019

Journalistic karma

 In 2014, Kentucky coal miners found themselves unemployed after Michael Bloomberg funneled tens of millions into an anti-coal campaign, but journalists were there to help. Article after article started appearing in publications from ABC to NPR and everything in between offering unsolicited advice to these blue-collar workers: learn to code. Now, when faced with their own economic uncertainty after massive job cuts to their own industry, fired journalists are not happy to be offered the same unsolicited advice.........Now the tables have turned in what can only be described as cosmic justice, and journalists from platforms like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed are finding themselves begging for jobs on Twitter. Commenters weren’t forgetting their advice from years ago and began suggesting that they follow it by educating themselves..........Talia Lavin has even gone so far as to call the internet comments advising her to learn to code  “coordinated harassment” and has the audacity to place herself as a victim being targeted. ....... To Read More

My Take - Schadenfreude!  I love all these leftists who have all the answers.....until reality strikes and then they don't even know the questions.  Let's face it.  With the Internet and bloggers galore the public has come to realize these "journalists" lie......a lot.....and have been doing so forever.  The reason people read blogs is because they no longer trust the media, and rightly so, recognizing so many of them as nothing more than left wing propagandists. 

Bloggers provide interesting insights to the world.  Many are experts in certain fields and can take an opposing view of the media's "consensus" view of the world intelligently.  Many are self-educated.  Many are readers who've become quite knowledgeable in other fields.  Many are only interested in seeing that the truth gets out there, much to the dismay of Dan Rather and many other "journalists". 

Neocons are called liberals who've been smacked in the face by reality.  I wonder what you call a journalist whose been smacked in the face with reality?  At this point they have two options.  Get a real job or become an anarchist.

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