Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Boehner blames 'knuckleheads in Congress' who listen to talk radio for shutdown

Justin Wise

Former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Monday that GOP lawmakers who listen to talk radio are to blame for the recent partial government shutdown. Boehner singled out "talk radio people" and those he called the "goofballs on the right," while speaking at the Caxambas Republican Club on Marco Island, Fla., according to The Naples Daily News.
"The knuckleheads in Congress that listen to these guys start blowing in the president's ear," Boehner said........To Read More....

My Take - Knuckleheads and Goofballs?  And exactly who in Congress does everyone think he's referring to? The conservtive Republicans!  Remember, when he was Speaker of the House the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress, so we need to look back and ask Boehner: 

  • How many times did you reduce spending?
  • Did spending go up or down while you were in the leadership?
  • How many regulations did you eliminate?
  • Did regulations increase or decrease while you were in the leadership?
  • How many agencies of the government did you help eliminate?
  • Did government increase or decrease when you were in Congress?
  • Did you, in the 24 years you were in Congress, get a fraction done of what Trump has accomplished in less than three years?
So what would be his solution?  He would do what he did for all those years in Congress - give the Democrats everything they wanted.  All the while proclaiming he was against it, lying to his Ohio constituents.
Now here's a former Republican, who presented himself as a conservative, who is now using his former position as Speaker of the House to promote marijuana, and he has the nerve to call someone, or anyone for that matter, a knucklehead or a goofball! 
John Boehner is a disgrace!

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