Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Church World Service Sets Up Hotline to Connect Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Locations in US

Ann Corcoran, Frauds, Crooks and Criminals, January 26, 2019 34 Comments
This (below) is the news today that prompted me to check in with the financial doings of Church World Service (one of nine federal refugee contractors that the Trump Administration continues to support).  What I found is that their ‘take’ of your money has increased almost $20 million in just a couple of years.

In the most recent Form 990 available (filed June 30, 2017) they were awarded $68 million from the US Treasury, up from $50 million just two years earlier.  First here is the story from ReliefWeb that got my attention:  Note their continued use of the word “refugee.”

None of those crossing the US border illegally are refugees. They won’t be refugees until they apply for and go through an asylum process and it is determined that they would be persecuted if returned home. And, that is, if they ever show up for their asylum hearing!
And all on your dime............To

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