Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Potomac two-step: Will no one stand up to the corruption in the FBI, DOJ, and CIA?

January 29, 2019 By Patricia McCarthy

For nearly ten years now, Americans who have been paying attention have known that our government has become corrupt, that its premier institutions were weaponized by the Obama administration to the point that we have become something of a police state or banana republic. This is not to say there was no corruption previous to Obama.

As Sidney Powell addresses in her book License to Lie, the current special counsel, Robert Mueller, and his amoral, ruthless right-hand man, Andrew Weismann, had already been practicing their prosecutions of personal destruction for decades.  In the 1980s, Mueller sent four men to prison who he knew were innocent. He did it to protect a confidential informant.  Two of them died in prison. The lawsuits filed cost taxpayers $100M..........

There was the total destruction of Enron, and then came the obliteration of Enron's accounting firm, Arthur Andersen. Those prosecutions were run much as Mueller and Weismann are running their current job assignment. Mueller successfully ruined both companies, costing thousands of people their jobs and sending nonviolent people to prison, sometimes to solitary confinement like what he did with Paul Manafort. Fortunately, but too little, too late, nearly all of the guilty verdicts they managed to elicit from juries were overturned by the Supreme Court in both cases.

Why were these two men not disbarred?  How this malicious and vindictive man continued to rise to be a U.S. attorney in Massachusetts and California before becoming head of the FBI is a still unexplained mystery.................Read more

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