Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Mueller, An Odd Hero for the Lawless Left

At any other time they would call him an abusive prosecutor.

George Neumayr January 29, 2019

Last Friday, card-carrying members of the ACLU cheered as the FBI conducted a pre-dawn raid of the home of a political operative who stands accused of laughably non-violent offenses — mainly, just lying to Congress. But since Roger Stone once worked for Trump and qualifies as an odious political enemy, liberals didn’t mind Mueller’s overkill, which is his latest straining attempt to make his investigation look weightier than it actually is.

On his supposed mandate, Mueller continues to spin his wheels. He didn’t charge Stone with any acts of collusion or uncover any direct contact between Stone and WikiLeaks, which isn’t even a Russian government entity anyways.

What did Mueller find?

Inaccuracies in Stone’s testimony before Congress, which may or may not be lies. But liberals told us, after James Clapper got caught out in blatantly false testimony to Congress, that such offenses are minor and not even worth prosecuting.

Mueller is an odd hero for the left, which normally reviles excessive prosecution and generally supports taking laws off the books. The same liberals cheering Mueller’s FBI raid say that border enforcement is ugly and unjust. They favor sanctuary cities in which felonies far more serious than lying to Congress go unpunished.

They favor the de-criminalizing of drug laws and the expansion of pro-abortion protections to de facto infanticide. The only thing they cheered louder than the news of Stone’s heavy-handed arrest was Andrew Cuomo’s decision to light up the One World Trade Center in pink after he signed legislation in favor of late-term abortion...........To Read More....

My Take - Once again, it's my belief Mueller is doing everything he can to extend his reign of terror until the 2020 election hoping Trump won't be re-elected and he'll become Attorney General.  Then he can cover up all the crimes committed by himself and all his deep state collusionists and their co-conspirators in the Party of Treason.  One thing is being made clear though.  Leftist hypocircy, morality, insanity, corruption, harrassment, violence, lies and treason are on display for the world to see clearly. 

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