Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Evil Genius of ‘Native American’

The fake news stories come and go so fast that keeping up feels impossible.

By  | January 26th, 2019 | 58 Comments

Last week’s most hyped fake news was BuzzFeed’s report that President Trump told his lawyer to lie to Congress. It was too dishonest even for Witchfinder General Robert Mueller, who’s no friend of the president but apparently has limits. Through a spokesman, he told BuzzFeed to buzz off.

Undeterred and certainly not embarrassed, the media moved on to another story: Catholic high school kids had surrounded, harassed, and taunted a harmless old Native American man on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
  • The kids were Catholic, which Democrats suggest disqualifies them from holding public office.
  • Most of them were white, so they were obviously racist.
  • They looked like cis-male heterosexuals, so when they’re not harassing old people they’re planning their next rape party.
  • And they’re from Kentucky—Kentucky!—Is that even a real place? I think it’s in flyover country somewhere.
  • So they’ve got to be gap-toothed, illiterate rednecks who hate gays, Muslims, and who want a Big Beautiful Wall to make refugee children suffer.
Does that about sum it up?........To Read More....

My Take - This is a profound and provocative posting, and it's needed saying for a long time.  I get tired of hearing how bad the European settlers were to the Indians.  Is it true? Yes, but compared to the American Indians were they any worse? No!  If you want to condemn them for being bad Christians, then you have a legitimate argument since the things they claimed to believe in said not to do such things, and I include the Pilgrims.

If you're condemning them for being bad people, well, I'm sorry they weren't any worse than American Indians.  The native tribes hated each other worse than they did the white settlers. They all were playing the same grab the land game.  The difference was the European settlers played much better than did American Indians. 

These "native" Americans need to finally accept the reality that they're conquered peoples, and fortunately they were conquered by Americans.  They need to stop dwelling on the poisons of the past if they wish to move on.  But they won't.  They want government guaranteed handouts so they can sit and stew over the past.  In spite of the fact that keeps them impoverised and miserable. Well, let them, but I don't want to hear it and I'm not going to bleed all over myself for them.

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