Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A Stone Left Unturned — So Far

The endless Mueller investigation is destroying rule of law in America, with deathly long-term effects that already are being felt.

Dov Fischer January 29, 2019

There is a teaching in the Talmud that, when the Angel of Death is set loose on a broad-based mission, it does not distinguish between good and evil people. The Mueller Investigation’s latest scalp, that of Roger Stone, reminds me of that teaching.
It now is two years of this Mueller Thing. Despite constant rumors that its conclusion is near, no short-term end is in sight. I often have written that I can see this thing going on for two, even for six years, until the end of the Trump presidency. The investigation’s funding is unlimited. There is no end date in the assignment. Every lead therefore legitimately can be said to open the door to a new lead.

Experienced powerhouse attorneys have seen mass-torts cases and other multi-million-dollar litigations that could have gone on forever if not for limits on the client’s resources and statutory ceilings on how long a case can linger before adjudication.

After all, every deposition of seven hours is bound to open some new area of inquiry — especially in a Mueller Investigation where there is no perimeter that sets a formal boundary on issues to investigate. As a result, Mueller has evolved into one of the saddest chapters in modern American history and the Mueller Inquisition will leave behind far greater damage than its anti-Trump instigators ever contemplated.

The underlying goals animating Democrats and their accomplices in the Left Mediacracy (pronounced like “mediocracy”) from Day One have been: ...........To Read More....

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