Monday, January 28, 2019

Yawn: The Doomsday Clock Created By Anti-Nuclear Activists Is Still Close To Midnight

By Hank Campbell | January 24th 2019  | Print | E-mail

The Doomsday Clock, a public relations stunt created by Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (1) remains stuck at two minutes until midnight. Just like it was in 1953, the height of the Cold War, when school kids did drills about hiding under desks and everyone built bomb shelters.

Today their worry is still nuclear bombs, they assure us, but also global warming and President Trump, and that is why they have solemnly announced that the Doomsday Clock is still at 2 until midnight, with midnight being the End Of The World.

Wow, we need to panic, right? Not really, they are activists, preaching doom is how they raise money. And two minutes is somewhat meaningless when you consider that it started at 7 in 1947. Though there are 1,440 minutes in a real day to these doomsday prophets 1,433 of them were gone by the time they created their gimmick. Ever after President Reagan ended the Cold War that brought the Doomsday Clock into existence they only gave his successor President George H. W. Bush 17 minutes until the apocalypse. To keep people paying for their newsletters it is not just about nuclear bombs or energy any more, now they use a vague "diplomacy" metric, pollution, and progress on climate change in their secret sauce..........To Read More.....

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