Sunday, March 5, 2017

More Proof that Donald Trump is Right about Sweden

By Onan Coca March 4, 2017

The idyllic Scandinavian nation of Sweden has become the frontlines in the rhetorical battle over the cost/benefits of mass migration in recent days. After President Trump’s Florida speech, in which he mentioned the growing problem of migrants crime in Sweden, the left was quick to attack his commentary. From there, dueling narratives have developed. On the left, the argument is that crime in Sweden is not the problem that conservative media claims; on the right, the argument is that mass migration has led to a major rise in violent crime and crimes of a sexual nature.

Both sides use statistics and data to support their claims, and both sides claim that their opponents are twisting the facts. Instead of wading into these waters and being swallowed by the ongoing debate over data, why don’t we just look at what has taken place in Sweden since the President’s speech?.....To Read More......

My Take - It's going to be really interesting to watch the smugness leave the faces of all these Eurocrats when European countries start expelling Muslims.  Is that coming?  I think it is, and it may well be preceded by the elimination of the EU, an overthrow - possibly violent - of all these European government followed by an incredibly ugly civil war.  But make to mistake about this. 

If this doesn't occur Europeans will be doomed in Europe and the violence will never end because Muslims of one sect hate Muslims of another as much, if not more, than they hate Europeans, since they're considered heretics.  That's why the violence never ends in the Middle East.  That's why the Muslim invasion will destroy Europe unless they expel all Muslims.  Europeans have become so secularized they just can't grasp.....these people are midieval tribal societies fighting a religious war..... against them! 

As long as their numbers keep increasing there will be no compormise, there will be no assimilation, and there will absolutely be no peace.  The word Islam means submit, and that's what they want, it's what they've always wanted and as long as Islam exists - that's what they'll strive for. 

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