Friday, March 24, 2017

Feel the Bern: Maduro's awkward TV shows raise hackles amid Venezuela crisis

More By Alexandra Ulmer CARACAS (Reuters)

A single mom tells Venezuela's president, Nicolas Maduro, on live television that she cannot afford to adequately feed her four kids, and he quickly changes the subject to joke about her foreign-sounding name, Joandry Smith. A girl complains that hungry classmates are fainting at school, and Maduro chides her for not doing more for them........."The only one gaining weight in Venezuela is Maduro. He hardly fits in the TV screen any more,".........93 percent of Venezuelans cannot afford to buy sufficient food and 73 percent of them have lost weight in the last year, according to a recent study by three universities............ "They want to stay in power, so they say that nothing is wrong,".........For several years now, Venezuelans have been enduring massive lines for scarce products, particularly food basics subsidized by the government. Security forces often guard and guide the lines, though fights and arguments are still common, and sometimes people faint under the sun.....To Read More....

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