Wednesday, March 29, 2017

CNN Liberal says Obama is “the next best thing to Jesus”

By Onan Coca March 28, 2017

The next time you hear one of CNN’s pundits, personalities, or reporters whining about “fake news” or about being mistreated by the Trump administration, I want you to remember this moment… when you heard a CNN liberal say that Obama was “the next best thing to Jesus.”

While debating conservative Mary Katherine Ham about the ongoing Russian investigation and it’s connection to the possibility that the Obama administration had wiretapped the Trump transition team, liberal pundit and former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus, Angela Rye, argued that the only reason Trump hadn’t yet been crucified was because he was white.

Rye argued that had this been Barack Obama “there would have been no end to this” [meaning speculation about Russia’s spying]. When Ham argued that no one should ever be okay with the possibility that the government was spying on an innocent American, Rye again turned the conversation back to racism..........It’s a truly disturbing bit of video because it reveals the absolute insanity that reigns within the minds of some on the left.........She cannot discuss any issue without bringing up how it is colored by racism. She cannot admit that a crime is bad, without first pointing out the racism of even speaking of the crime. It’s illogical, unproductive, and completely fallacious.........To Read More....

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