Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Observations From the Back Row

Here's "My Take" For Today

By Rich Kozlovich

The pattern for posts about P&D has been to categorize the posts by subject. I've changed that for now as it's too much work, although I may return to that. All of today's posts are from writers who've allowed me to publish their work except for one - that's a today only post. However, you will find the overall theme is demonstrating in every aspect of American life what danger the left's shadow government represents to the Constitution, the economy, the continued existence of the United States as we "think" we know it.

Here's The Deep State by George Friedman followed by Peter Zeihan with his Geopolitical View and what will happen - to Germany - if Trump and Merkel can't come to some agreement.  Since I agree with Zeihan that we're going to abandon - with some small exceptions - the whole Bretton Woods mess, Merkel is in deep trouble. The story is how soon will she and the arrogant self righteous socialists controlling the EU collapse. The whining is going to start coming hard and fast - much harder and faster than we've seen thus far.

Daniel Greenfield is another of my favorite writers and he continues this theme with, Obama's Third Term is Here.  Clearly we have met the enemy and he is us. 

One of the reasons Bretton Woods, NATO and other international agreements are going to the ash heap of history is fracking, which is outlined by Benny Peiser's composite of articles from his Global Warming Policy Forum entitled, Hail Shale: OPEC Is Losing The Global Oil Game.  Make no mistake about this - cheap energy out of the hands of the tyrants of the Middle East is a game changer in every crisis facing the United States, including Islamic terrorism.

Dan Mitchell presents a position on repealing Obamacare with Two Cheers for the Fiscal Changes in the GOP’s Obamacare Repeal-and-Replace Legislation

One thing that's stunningly clear - at least to me - the federal government is unfixable as we know it!  That leaves these options.  Go after those in the government who are violating their oaths of office and fire them and those violating the law, especially at the IRS and intelligence agencies - prosecute them and put them in jail. Then proceed to dismantle the federal government agency by agency and department by department.  Will that happen?  I doubt it, but that is none the less the answer. 

Mary Grabar "The Dissident Prof" is one of my favorite writers and has allowed me to publish her work for years.  Here a two great articles showing just how dangerous, how arrogant and how deep the left has infiltrated every institution in the nation.  If they control education - and they do - they do what Hitler wanted - to control the future.  She demonstrates that with Our Conservative Folks, and a second personal article entitled, Communism on Culture: Another, Different Kind of Immigrant Experience.  Naturally I always ask everyone if socialist countries are so great - and American and capitalism is so terrible - why have so many risked to much to leave them and come here? 

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