Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The EU is Doomed!

Brexit Happened for a Reason: EU Members Like Poland Ought to Reassess, By Marek Jan Chodakiewicz
Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło wrote a curiously desperate letter of last resort to the European Union to prevent the re-election of her Eurocrat predecessor, Donald Tusk. She appealed to democracy and national sovereignty. This must have sounded like a joke to the Eurocratic team that decided whom to choose. But all was in vain. Poland alone cast the dissenting vote. Representatives of twenty-seven other EU countries voted for the reelection of Tusk. ....... Read More

Major’s Major Mistakes, By Alexandra Phillips
The man responsible for putting pen to paper over the infamous Maastricht Treaty in 1992 tried to tell the country that they were the ones who had been wrong to back Brexit. John Major, part of the crack team of European leaders that assented to the creation of the disastrous Euro and the triumvirate three pillar structure of the EU, bound the UK by the supremacy of unelected judges within the European Courts of Justice. John Major who, thanks to UK democracy was stopped short of dragging the UK into the single currency and the Social Chapter by the number of vociferous Tory rebels outnumbering his Conservative Party majority enough to see the downfall of his administration had he not buckled to their demands. Major had the nerve to label promises over Brexit ‘unreal’ and ‘over-optimistic’ and shrilly said Theresa May could do with ‘a little more charm and a lot less cheap rhetoric’. Of course, it’s not the first time Major has butted heads with a strong female Conservative leader...... Read More

EU in the Exit Era: the Greek Case Renewed, By Georgiana Constantin
The truth for Greece is simply that the status quo – globalization – has failed many and they do not want to be a part of a broken system anymore. They have come to realize that Grexit may be their only solution.....Read More

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