Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Naturopath's Human Experiment Ends In Death

By Julianna LeMieux — March 23, 2017

It is one thing for a naturopath to push turmeric, the latest fad in fancy snake oils, as a cure all for everything from your bad sex life to diabetes. Because turmeric is metabolized so quickly in the stomach (it is used in food, after all) it is generally not dangerous and amounts to a lot of false hopes and wasted money.

It is another thing entirely for these 'healers' to hook a healthy person up to an IV and pump turmeric into their veins.

Unfortunately, that is what happened to Jade Erick, a 30 year-old woman who is dead because she opted for 'holistic health' to treat her eczema. Our vascular surgeon, Dr. Charles Dinerstein, suggests that, based on the information we have, "it seems that she may have suffered from an allergic reaction resulting in a cardiac arrest." Indeed, the San Diego County Medical Examiner went one step further to link that cardiac arrest directly to the IV. They ruled that the cause of her death was “anoxic encephalopathy due to prolonged resuscitated cardiopulmonary arrest due to adverse reaction to infused turmeric solution.”.......To Read More.....

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