Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mayo Clinic's CEO Speaks an Uncomfortable Truth About Gov't Ins.

By Chuck Dinerstein — March 20, 2017

“We’re asking ... if the patient has commercial insurance, or they’re Medicaid or Medicare patients and they’re equal, that we prioritize the commercial insured patients enough so ... we can be financially strong at the end of the year to continue to advance, advance our mission,” said John Noseworthy, the CEO of the Mayo Clinic.

Given a choice, says Noseworthy [1], Mayo Clinic prefers patients with private insurance over those receiving government insurance.

When I read his statement, I was gobsmacked, mostly because this behavior is illegal, and it looks bad for a non-profit charitable trust. Those facts explain why Dr. Noseworthy is “
walking back” his comments. Yet though this behavior is, on its face, unethical, violating our obligation to treat all people equally, fairly, and impartially, a less emotional response shows there is another ethical principle involved - beneficence, the obligation to bring about good in all our actions.
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My Take -   This piece may have an emotional appeal, but it isn't necessarily a reflection of my views,  so please be sure and read the comments.

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