Sunday, March 26, 2017

Observations From the Back Row: Obamacare Stands....Like a Drunken Sailor, Part II

By Rich Kozlovich

As was to be expected the appeasers of the Republican Party are practically frothing at the mouth because the Freedom Caucus actually held the Republican Party's feet to the fire and demanded they do what they've been promising to do for eight years. Repeal Obamacare!

David Catron in this American Spectator article refer to them as "disgusting" saying:
"These people held out for the impossible — full repeal of Obamacare in one fell swoop".
Impossible?  So why is this impossible?  It was passed into law by the Congress why can't it be passed out of law by the Congress? That's what they ran on and promised America for for eight years.  If that was impossible why didn't they say that before they were elected?

He goes on to say of conservatives:
"[they] have thus destroyed the only realistic opportunity their party will have in the near future to eradicate the law’s individual and employer mandates, enact entitlement reform, expand HSAs, defund Planned Parenthood, halt the metastasis of Medicaid, and cut its myriad taxes."
What a load of Horse pucky!

Then he attempts to make the argument this action is making a mockery of the name by which they call themselves claiming they're:
"perpetuating the increasingly oppressive and powerful administrative state, leaving their constituents to the tender mercies of Beltway bureaucrats whose contempt for the taxpayers who support them is exceeded only by the breathtaking incompetence with which they mismanage everything they touch".
So according to Catron these "disgusting" conservatives are guilty of mismanagement, contempt and incompetence!  And he claims they're the ones who left the taxpayers at the mercy of the bureaucrats! And so that's why they're disgusting!

Do I understand that corrrectly?

But those in the Republican leadership who've been lying to the people about Obamacare repeal aren't disgusting? 

Do I understand that correctly? 

So those in the leadership who've done little or nothing to stop the bureaucratic predations of the Obama administration are just a wonderful and amazingly competent bunch.

Do I understand that correctly?

But, isn't it the leadership, and not the conservatives, who's been managing things with contempt to the nation by putting together a piece of legislation that will not end this massive govenment interference in medical care, nor really fix it in any meaningful way?  Yet, according to Catron it's the conservatives who are the incompetent mis-managers betraying America.  And that's what we're supposed to believe?  Right!

Do I understand that correctly?

Let me ask one question - just in order to attain some clarity - name one big government program promoted by George Bush that was overturned by the Republican leadership?

He goes on to call them the “100-Percent-of-Nothing Caucus". It's amazing how this "do nothing" group just cleaned the clock of Trump, Ryan and the rest of the RINO leadership.

As I read this article I kept thinking - this irrational line of logic has a familiar ring to it.  Then I realized, this is the same kind of twisted logic used by the Democrats when someone does something they don't like.

Not all writers are in the tank for Ryan and the rest.  Robert Eno published this article, saying:
 "Instead of [Ryan] owning up to the American people that his plan does not actually repeal the most onerous parts of Obamacare, Ryan is relying on his allies in the establishment side of the right of center media to attack his real enemies: the House Freedom Caucus. How dare a group of conservative members of Congress hold their party’s feet to the fire to do what they promised they would do."
He goes on to say:
 "In 2016, the GOP-controlled Congress passed a clean repeal bill through the reconciliation process. It was sent to Barack Obama, who vetoed it, as CNN reported at the time. In 2017, Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has offered a bill that does many of the same things, as the 2016 legislation."
This "disgusting" "do nothing" caucus have at least been open and consistent from the beginning.

There's another aspect of this that's clearly alien to modern writers, most of whom are from a generation that seems incapable of reading a history book, and too young to remember important history.  This conservative caucus may end up getting help from a new "loyal opposition". The Democrats. 

On March 25, Donald Mazzella published the article, There Is Power To Gain For Democrats Who Support Obamacare Reform, saying:
"Democratic leaders would do well to study the tenure of Senator Dirksen who was successful despite his minority status. Among the things they would learn is that being the loyal opposition provides great power to shape events and laws. Often it is more powerful than the present effort to delegitimize the present administration."
Do I think this will happen? No, not en masse, but there will be a few who will abandon  party positions that are being framed by radical, raging, frothing at the mouth resistance rather than well thought out policy. But make no mistake about this. Both parties are going to go through changes none of the leadership are wanting, nor are they capable of dealing with them.

In spite of any shifting of positions of individuals in the Democratic Party, it seems to me in four years the Democrats will be farther left than ever, and the Republicans will be farther right than ever.  And it seems to me the biggest changes will be in the leadership.   By this time four years from now I will be amazed if any of them are still in the leadership, including Ryan, Pelosi, McConnell or Shumer even if they're still in office. 

We have got the get clarity on this.  The United States is in the midst of a war.  A philosophical war to capture the hearts and minds of a people and a nation.  What happens over the next four years will determine if the United States survives as a nation and a culture.

One more thing - in the 2018 election Democrats must defend 25 Senate seats versus Republicans who will defend 8. If each loses half those seats (4 for the Republicans and 12 or 13 for the Democrats, which would be 52-4+12=60) that will give Republicans a 60 vote majority. 

The pendulum of history is swinging and once gravity takes hold - there's no stopping it. The key will be how the United States deals with the upcoming worldwide massive economic and social upheaval that I believe will occur in the next five years.  And we need to get this - no matter what everyone says - we don't really need the rest of the world.  We can arm ourselves without the world, we can feed ourselves without the world, we can fuel ourselves without the world.  We don't need the world.  They need us, badly, and in the next few years that "need" will become a whine pleading for our help. 

There's a much bigger reason than immigration issues as to why Merkel was so unhappy when she was here.  She, as well as the rest of the EU leadership, realize (privately) they're heading into the dumper and want the U.S. to bail them out. With the Clintonites out - that time has passed.

I predict the EU will be gone in five years, and probably less, Europe will be in the midst of a major economic downturn, social unrest will be so severe there will be an outright civil war, or revolution, all throughout western Europe. Eastern Europe will all that will be left to salvage European stability and culture. And once again Poland will have to save the west from Muslim invasion. I also predict in all this turmoil there will eventually be mass deportations of Muslims from Western Europe, or Western Europe will cease to exist.

However, Europe faced down Muslim invasion when they believed in something. Having accepted leftist secular humanism they no longer have a solid moral foundation to fight a religious war, and make no mistake about this - this is a religious war - because Muslims have made it so, and Europe is unarmed.

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